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Passenger Side Brake Kit

All Glasair I, II, and III kits include a pilot side brake system only (except for early Glasair I’s which did not include any brakes). This kit is designed for those wanting braking functions on the passenger side as well. Includes two Cleveland master cylinders, two rudder pedals, fittings, and (for the Glasair III) extra hose.

*NOTE: A full width Header Tank, as shown in Figure D-54, page D-92 Vol I of the Glasair III Manual, cannot be used with this option. Instead, purchase the Dual Brake Kit – Large Header Tank Installation listed on the next page.


Model: I/II TD and FT Part No: 901-0139-503


Model: I/II RG Part No: 901-0139-504


Model: Glasair III* Part No: 903-0139-501


Model: Super II TD/FT/RG Part No: 902-0139-501

Dual Brake Kit – Large Header Tank

If you have built a larger than normal header tank that extends across the passenger side, the standard dual brake installation will not be possible. To accommodate this configuration we have developed a Dual Brake Kit that attaches the master cylinders to the bottom of the header tank.


GII-S Part No: 902-0141-501


GIII Part No: 903-0141-501

Rudder Pedal Brake Actuating Arm Extension Kit

This kit lengthens the brake master cylinder actuating arm on early Glasair I RG, II RG, and III rudder pedals. The longer lever arm increases the length of the master cylinder stroke which eliminates the “spongy” feel of the brakes and substantially improves braking effectiveness. These are in later model Glasair RG and III Kits, shipped after 5/1/89, which have different pedal castings.

Rudder Pedal Brake Ext. Kit Part No: 381-0530-501


Control Stick Grips

These stick grips are superb quality, made of black molded hard plastic with red switches. “Glasair” is attractively molded into the top of the handle (except on the military type grip). Two styles are available: civilian type (#’s 1451, 1452, 1453), and military type (#1460). The neutral military stick will fit either hand and comes with one trigger switch only, the remaining three switch positions are left unfilled and switches may be added by the builder, if desired. The other grips come with the switches described. Switch functions may be used for intercom, radio transmit, auto-pilot disengage, roll trim, etc. Weight: .25 lb. Ea. There is often a lead time on these parts, so order early.

*These grips include a sleeve to match the inside diameter of the grip to the outside diameter of the control stick.


2 Switch, Rt. Hand Part No: 621-1451-101


1 Switch, Rt. Hand Part No: 621-1452-101


1 Switch, Lt. Hand Part No: 621-1453-101


4 Switch, Neutral Part No: 621-1460-101


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